Patagonia is a mysterious region in South America, located on the territory of the two states of Argentina and Chile. Excursion tours to Patagonia will reveal the secrets of one of the harshest corners of the world, where arid steppes, wet snowy glaciers collide. As one of the five cleanest places on the planet, the region is famous for its crystal clear lakes, endless fjords, mountain peaks, and amazing scenery. A trip to Patagonia is a great chance to test yourself, recharged with new emotions and impressions for months to come. Providing a unique travel experience for those who love the outdoors and the extreme, a trip to Patagonia can be a ticket to a new, enchanting world full of adventure and challenge. Travel in the company of your best friends and discover new limits and horizons of worldview.


The region is located in two very different climatic zones, so the weather in Patagonia depends directly on which part of the country you are in. The Argentine part of Patagonia has arid weather with occasional rain and strong winds. Part of the region on the Chilean side is influenced by a humid, cold climate. The north is characterized as warm, with summer temperatures of +24 C. The closer you get to the Andes, the lower the temperature will be. The extreme south of the region gets a maximum summer temperature of +18 C and in winter the temperature does not rise above 0 C, allowing the development of ski tourism. The warmest month is January. In general, it is very difficult to guess the season, but the best period for a trip to Patagonia is considered to be from December to February.

Main attractions of Patagonia

Rich in many natural attractions, the region can surprise anyone, and every tourist can find something to see in Patagonia. The national parks of Los Glaciares, Torres del Paine, San Rafael, Bernardo O’Higgins are extremely popular among foreigners, where you can see and experience the unique flora and fauna of the area and enjoy the marvelous natural scenery. It is a must to climb to the top of Mount Fitzroy. The Perito Moreno Glacier is considered particularly fascinating, stunning in size and beauty. Observe the amazing underwater world on the Valdes Peninsula. Once you enter the unusual Marble Caves, you want to stay in this icy kingdom forever. Especially its vastness and many fjords attract Tierra del Fuego.

What to do?

In addition to sightseeing, this wonderful region is famous among fans of active recreation for its ideal weather and natural conditions for various activities. Popular activities include skiing and snowboarding at the best ski resorts. Also popular are trekking trails, climbing peaks, hiking, fishing, canoeing, and diving. Those wishing to simply relax on the lake, provide comfortable facilities with excellent infrastructure.

Local cuisine

A traditional dish of Patagonians is fried meat Asado. It is cooked simply: lean cuts of veal or lamb, homemade sausage, kidneys fried on a special grill parrilla, or skewers. The dish is served with a spicy chimichurri sauce, the main ingredient of which is garlic.

Fish dishes are popular. Local chefs grill or broil trout, salmon, and other fish. In the cafe, you can order pizza and try the original drink – orange juice with fortified wine.

Important information for future travelers

A tourist trip to Patagonia can become the best memory in everyone’s life if you read some necessary information about the country before the trip. The first thing to do is to prepare for the climatic conditions and stock up on warm clothing. Be sure to bring medications, cold medicine. In no case can not break anything, run after wild animals, wander in forbidden places with fences. During hiking and trekking by no means deviate from the route, following all the instructions of the guide. Do not take a bunch of useless things, going on another hike. Especially pay attention to the rules of conduct in the parks and nature reserves, because in some it is forbidden to make a fire. In general, reviews of the tour to Patagonia are positive, satisfied tourists from all over the world share only positive impressions, which shows the popularity of this region.


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